Tuesday, 13 April 2010

workers' MP on a workers' wage!!

Another election leaflet posted through by Royal Mail and no doubt a lot more to come. Smaller political parties, like the Socialist Party and the coalition we are standing under in this general election (TUSC) will never be able to compete for publicity with the main parties.
The establishment parties haven't got and don't need the activists on the ground to hand deliver their leaflets like we do. They just dip into their massive piggy banks and pay Royal Mail to do it for them.
TUSC will get just one 'free' leaflet drop by Royal Mail in Swansea West which is paid out of the £500 deposit we have to pay for the privilege of standing!
Big Business and the trade unions finance the main parties to the tune of £millions. We have to rely on contributions from our own members and supporters who make a big financial sacrifice for us to stand in elections because we offer a genuine socialist alternative and we are different to the rest of them. If you want to help our campaign by making a donation then please contact me because we definitely won't be getting any money from the 'fat cats'!
We are different because we actually want to make everyone's life better and not just for those who happen to get elected into parliament!
That's why myself and all Socialist Party members who are standing have pledged, if elected, to just take the average skilled wage and donate the rest of our income back to the socialist and trade union movement. If you want to represent ordinary people then you should live the same lifestyle as them. Our window posters proudly proclaim that I will be 'A Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage' - that's putting your money where your mouth is and we have done it before and we will do it again! Give me a buzz if you want one of our window posters.