Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The Labour and Lib Dem candidates for Swansea West blame each other for the vicious education cuts in Swansea.

Rob Williams, TUSC candidate for Swansea West said: -

All the main parties have a responsibility for the vicious cuts in education across Swansea. The Lib Dem led coalition on the council has implemented these cuts because the Labour/Plaid coalition in the Welsh Assembly has cut funding to local authorities because the Westminster Labour Government has slashed public spending to pay for the bankers economic crisis. Talk about passing the buck, it makes you feel dizzy!!

At least the Tories are a bit more open as they have confirmed that if elected they will have an emergency budget within 50 days to map out their proposals for massive cuts in public services.

None of the main parties have the will, determination or principles to say we will not pay the price for the billionaire bankers and stand up and fight for our public services. These meekly mouthed, spineless politicians only desreve voters contempt not their support'!