Tuesday, 20 April 2010


With Swansea higher education students returning to Swansea university and Swansea Met this week for their final term, Rob Williams, Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition candidate for Swansea West, came out firmly against higher education cuts and demanded an end to tuition fees. Rob said: -

Todays' students are being financially burdened with massive debts of around £20,000 when they graduate. All the main candidates in Swansea West benefited from free education when they attended university in the past. None of them were forced to pay tuition fees and they all received generous student grants.

Now all the main parties have pulled the ladder up on this generation of students who face poverty in university and a lifetime of debt when they leave!

I am absolutely opposed to all top up and tuition fees which will make it even more difficult for working class and middle class students to be able to afford to go to university. Loans should be abolished and a living grant restored for all students, as was the case when our prospective parliamentary candidates attend university. I am a firm believer that education should be free to everyone from nursery to university. We will be campaigning at both Swansea universities to stop any proposed higher education cuts and to end student poverty by restoring free education'.

That's the programme to inspire young people to go out and vote and Rob Williams, Swansea West TUSC, is the only candidate genuinely defending students and young people.