Monday, 19 April 2010

Lib Dems - another Big Business party

Looks like the Lib Dems have benefited from Nick Clegg's performance in the leaders' debate. It says everything about the dire state of politics that Clegg didn't really say much but has come out so well. Didn't hear him call for troops out of Afghanistan, stop privatisation etc. In fact, what I did hear was him commit to the same cuts to public services as the Tories & New Labour!

The spike in support for the Lib Dems show that people are crying out for a real alternative. Imagine if the unions were spending the millions we now give to New Labour on a party that stood on a radical socialist programme which was advertised on thousands of billboards?

By the way if you want to know how radical the Lib Dems are, ask all those who are facing cuts from Swansea Council which is under their control. Its the same programme of cuts put forward by all the other councils. But you can do something about this one - come on the Swansea Trade Union Council May Day demo on Saturday May 1st. Starting at 11am from the Guildhall to Castle Square.