Friday, 16 April 2010

Reply to Evening Post Editorial - workers united to defeat public sector cuts

I work in the private sector and despite attempts by the mainstream parties and the media, private sector workers don't support cuts in the public sector. We don't exist in a bubble. My workmates' family and friends are the very teachers, civil servants and council workers who are facing the chop. Don't forget we also depend on public services. In fact if workers in the public sector are able to win victories and stop these attacks it will give all workers a boost. It'll give them the confidence to fight as well. I'll be on the march because employers, councils and governments alike want workers and working-class communities to pay for the crisis caused by the bankers and speculators in the city. They all want to create a false division because they know it weakens workers.
The march starts at 11am from the Guildhall to Castle Square