Thursday, 29 April 2010

Swansea Uni hustings

Started 3 days of trade union negotiations yesterday with Linamar over my members terms and conditions and ultimately the future of the plant so I was unable to attend the election hustings at Swansea University.
Fortunately, Ross Saunders, our TUSC candidate for Cardiff Central was able to stand in for me as a replacement and as expected did an excellent job.
All the other candidates dutifully repeated their opposition and disapproval of tuition fees, education cuts and supported the need to retain front line services in the public sector.
It makes you think which parties actually got rid of the student grant which the majority of the candidates benefited from when they were at university.
It makes you think who brought in tuition fees in the first place, which parties are cutting education funding and which parties are going to massacre our public services and jobs.
In a pre-election period all the main parties will say anything to be 'popular' and to get elected. As Ross pointed out 'its like selecting a candidate because of their hairstyle' as they will not tell you their real programme and agenda if their party becomes part of the next government.
It's all appearance, distortion and downright lies!
Ross received an enthusiastic reception because we put the blame for the economic crisis at the doors of the billionaire bankers and the capitalist system they and their political servants defend.
We want a socialist alternative where education is free from nursery to university. Where the priorities for higher education are the development of the students not the profits in the bank balance of the universities.
Where graduates are debt free after leaving university and have a fulfilling job that is a reflection of their efforts and not end up on the scrap heap with the rest of the 1 million under 24's in the UK today.
For young people that objective is not just worth voting for its also worth fighting for! Join us before and after this election in building a new socialist alternative to the old, corrupt, main parties of capitalism. Join the Socialist Party now!