Monday, 12 April 2010


Defend jobs & services - Fight for workers' alternative!

As the main Parties launch their Election Manifestos the majority of electors will treat their promises with a mixture of cynicism and disinterest.

Rob Williams, Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition candidate for Swansea West said: -

'All the media attention will surround the empty promises put forward by the main Parties when they launch their election manifestos. In complete contrast to the cuts agenda put forward by all the establishment parties TUSC has a programme that can enthuse and inspire ordinary people to come out and vote for a socialist alternative. Our key demands include: -

* Public Ownership, not privatised profit.

* Jobs, not handouts to bankers & billionaires.

* No cuts - quality public services.

* Decent pensions and benefits.

* Solidarity not war.

* Protect our environment - stop global warming.

* Repeal the anti-trade union laws.

* For a democratic socialist society.

'Now that would be 'real change' and a 'real choice' instead of of the 'same manifesto' in a different coloured package that the main parties are offering! People are sick of sleaze, sick of empty promises and sick of politicians who look the same, sound the same and do nothing for us! Why are all the main parties saying that we have to pay for the economic crisis with massive cuts? We didn't cause the crisis, it was billionaire bankers, rich speculators and incompetent politicians. Make the bankers pay not us is my message and top of our manifesto'!

For a full version of the TUSC election manifesto visit