Sunday, 11 April 2010


281 British military personnel have now been killed in Afghanistan, with the latest casualty, tragically from our own doorstep in Swansea.
The Evening Post has asked in an editorial on Friday, 9th April that local candidates respond by making their views public on their position towards the on going war in Afghanistan.
Rob Williams, Socialist Party member, standing as a candidate in Swansea West under the banner of the ‘Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition’ said: -

‘It’s horrific that another young life has been lost and I send my condolences to his family and friends.
My position and that of the Socialist Party has been unequivocal since the occupation in 2001.
Afghanistan was invaded after 9/11 to boost the power and prestige of George Bush and US Imperialism.
Like Iraq, Afghanistan had no direct part in the terrorist attack that destroyed the twin towers.
Like Saddam Hussein, the Taliban were also originally financed and armed by the US and Britain!
It was the wrong political decision By Blair to send British Troops into Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place! This war is NOT being fought in the interest of ordinary people here or in Afghanistan.
There should be an immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops and the Afghan people must be allowed to determine their own future.
The best way to support our troops is to bring them home now!
This war, in which Blair and the Labour Government backed fully in order to appease Bush and US Imperialism, has been a total disaster.
As well as 281 UK personnel losing their lives it is estimated that 30,000 Afghans have been killed and 3.7 million refugees forced to flee to Pakistan and Iran. Last year the head of British forces in Afghanistan gloomily talked of another 40 years of occupation before there will be stability!
We need to support Afghan workers and poor peasants away from the reactionary Taliban and help them develop their own independent political voice. Under a socialist plan of production the country’s raw materials and key industries could be nationalised and investment used to develop the economy away from the production of opium.
United by their common interests, workers and peasants across Afghanistan could defeat the Taliban by creating a multi ethnic defence force that would undermine sectarianism.
A democratic socialist government of Afghanistan as part of a socialist confederation of the region offers the only solution to the horror of endless war.