Monday, 12 April 2010

Legal aid for for fiddling expenses - can you be serious?!!

You might think I'm making this up but 3 MPs caught fiddling their expenses have been given legal aid to defend themselves. They're all on a basic salary of £65,000 but they can use taxpayers money to make their case. Tell that to the Visteon pensioners (I'm one of them) who need the backing of their union Unite to take on Ford in the courts to get their full pensions. How do the BA workers or the rail workers feel when the legal system has denied them the right to strike despite having massive votes in favour in recent ballots? Talk about one law for them and another for the rest of us!! Saying that, they reckon that there's about £25billion unpaid taxes - mainly from the rich while the poor are made to feel like scroungers. Where's the adverts for tax avoidance, like the ones for benefit fraud.

If all this hypocrisy makes you angry - don't get mad get even - vote TUSC in the election and join our campaign