Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election is on.....finally!!

The worst kept secret is finally out - the general election will be on May6th!
Browns' decision to call the election today is quite ironic for many trade unionists, especially members of the rail workers union the RMT.
They should have been starting four days of industrial action today but were stopped by a high court judgment and have to go back and re-ballot their members. It was Thatchers' anti union laws which allowed this to happen, yet we have had 13 years of a Labour Government that could easily have repealed this anti union legislation. Of course if you are a government that looks after big business and doesn't support workers fighting to defend their terms and conditions, then like New Labour you are happy to keep anti working class laws on the statute books.
Brown slagged off the BA workers and called their action 'deplorable' yet his election campaign will be financed by my union UNITE to the tune of £4million!!!!
You have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming, or more correctly, having a nightmare.
Part of my campaign is to get unions to dissaffiliate from Labour and use their members cash to build a new workers party that will look after our interests and not undermine them. That's why standing as a TUSC candidate is an important begining down that road.