Thursday, 8 April 2010

We shouldn't pay for the bankers' crisis

'I fully agree with the 75% of the electorate who do not support cuts in public services to pay for the bankers crisis. Unfortunately all the main parties support a public sector pay freeze, attacks on our pensions and a machete to be taken to public services. Why should ordinary people be forced to pay for a crisis that was caused by billionaire bankers, speculators and a big business friendly Labour government? All the main parties agree that whoever forms the next government public sector cuts will be deeper and broader than the Thatcher government made!

As a start, instead of throwing billions of pounds at the bankers and rich speculators I would demand a massive programme of public works to get our young people working, keep our civil servants in jobs to collect the £100 million in unpaid tax from the big multi-nationals, cancel the PFI debt and end the war in Afghanistan.

Not many voters would disagree with those demands, only the main political parties, who are completely out of touch with ordinary people'.