Monday, 26 April 2010

10 days to go - still campaigning!!

Ten days to go and another hectic week of campaigning in front of us.
Last Saturday saw another large turnout of supporters in Swansea city centre where we got a great response from the general public. Hundreds of leaflets dished out for our election campaign as well as a leaflet advertising the May Day rally next Saturday against public sector cuts. We need everyone to come along, assembling 11/00am on Guildhall Green and then marching to Castle Square for a rally at 12/00.
On Sunday we had two groups out leafleting up Townhill and Mayhill. This really was a political 'exercise' which as well as spreading our socialist alternative kept us fit by running up and down hundreds of steps. It also kept us alert and on our toes dodging the numerous breeds of dogs who obviously don't appreciate the difference between socialist campaigners and the others!
Sunday evening I attended a hustings organised by Killay church with around a hundred in attendance. All the candidates, apart from the BNP, were represented and the whole event was well run and enjoyable. I had the chance of explaining our socialist programme to an audience that perhaps would not normally have the opportunity of hearing something so radically different to the mainstream parties. I would like to believe that even if we only convinced a handful then at least it will make others think a bit more about what else is on offer apart from an agenda of cuts.
One of the questions that was asked at the hustings was whether 16 year olds should have the right to vote. I agreed they should lower the right to vote from 18 down to 16. Quite appropriate really because we have just sent of a pile of our election material to sixth formers in Olchfa School who are holding a mock election on May 6th because they want to engage students in politics by showing them what the different candidates in Swansea West stand for. Hope it goes well for them and I am sure our socialist programme will get a big echo amongst the youth of Swansea.
For those students who are 18 or over then Swansea University will be holding their own hustings on Wednesday, May 28th at 1/00pm in the Callaghan Lecture Theatre. Because I work full time and will be engaged in trade union negotiations to save jobs at my plant it is unlikely I will be able to attend. Nevertheless, Ross Saunders, our TUSC candidate in Cardiff Central will be standing in for me and will do a brilliant job in convincing students why they should support a socialist candidate.