Friday, 26 March 2010

Trade union struggles

A Spring of discontent? Well it looks like heading that way after the announcement by the RMT and TSSA unions yesterday that there will be 4 days of strikes after Easter. This is on top of industrial action at BA, in the civil service and proposed action in British Gas.
It's refreshing to see a trade union leader like RMT General Secretary, Bob Crow being openly upfront in defending his members interests. No nods and winks, no backroom deals, no sucking up to bully boy managers, just a solid defence of his members terms and conditions as well as protecting rail passengers safety. Well done Bob, I will be down on the picket lines with our SP members giving our full solidarity.
Good luck also to the BA workers who start their second strike tonight. I was up at the Heathrow picket line last Saturday giving support and must say the mood was determined and angry.
Willy Walsh, on his £720,000 a year wants to break the union so he can pay poverty wages like the cheap fare airlines Ryanair and Easy Jet. That's the job he has come in to do. There are millions of workers, with similar bully boy managers, who want to see BA members keep their hard won terms and conditions and give Walsh a bloody nose.