Friday, 26 March 2010

Evening Post censorship?

Today's Post has almost a full page report of a Swansea headmaster who is standing as an Independent candidate in Swansea West because he is fed up with the corruption of the mainstream parties. Fair enough, it just shows the cynicism and anger out there towards these 'in it for themselves' politicians.
What annoys me however id the Post's apparent censorship of our TUSC campaign in Swansea West. Having been in the Post almost every week last summer when Linamar tried to sack me the opposite is now the case after I declared that I would be standing as a TUSC candidate for Swansea West.
None of our press releases have been used, our Welsh launch of TUSC, held in Swansea, was not covered and it smells of political bias against a trade unionist and socialist candidate. It is not a secret that the Post's editor is no friend of the trade unions nor of the Socialist Party but this blatant censorship should have no place in the local press.
It will be interesting to see if our latest complaint and press release, sent of today, gets published. Don't hold your breath!