Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Support the PCS civil servants on strike

As I have to be in work by seven o clock I show my solidarity with striking civil servants by visiting the early picket lines which start at 6/00am.
On a wet and windy morning today I brought greetings from my own union branch and the Socialist Party to pickets at the Pension Centre and around the corner at the Land Registry.
Despite the weather these are two of the liveliest and well attended picket lines in Swansea. They need to be, because if the government can get away with it then there will be further cuts in terms and conditions which will also mean a worse service for us, the general public.
Roger Langley, the branch organiser at the Pension Centre told me that he will be pointing out to the ITV reporters in his lunchtime interview that his members are not prepared to pay the price for the bankers crisis. I agree 100% with those sentiments.
It's time our trade union leaders stood up to this big business government and its an inspiration to see ordinary members taking a lead in a fighting union like PCS.
Hope that everyone taking action today will be on the Swansea Trade Union Council May Day march and rally to stop these cuts. We have to show whichever government comes to power that we will all stand up to defend our public services.