Monday, 29 March 2010

Busy week end!

Anti BNP
On Saturday morning I joined other anti racists campaigning in Morriston town centre against the Nazi BNP who are standing a candidate in Swansea East for the general election.
The UAF stall was the start of the election campaign to expose the divisive and racist programme of the BNP in Swansea East and we will be assisting where possible, particularly with some of our younger SP members who are supporters of 'Youth Against Racism' the anti racist youth organisation which played a prominent role in closing down the BNP headquarters in Welling during the 90's. If you want to help in future anti racist activities then contact me for more info.

Socialist Party Campaigning
Straight into the city centre then to join other Socialist Party members on our regular Saturday stalls in Oxford St.
Despite having the obstacle of the open air market on our usual spot we had two stalls out with one campaigning against the proposed council cuts and one opposing the continuing war in Afghanistan.
As usual we had a great response on both stalls with around 60+ copies of the Socialist being sold and many people agreeing with our socialist alternative.

Coventry Campaign
It was an extra early start on Sunday morning with clocks going forward. Several car loads of SP members from Wales travelled to Coventry to help with their mass canvas to help Socialist party councillor, Dave Nellist in his attempt to get elected in the general election for Coventry North East.
Dave, an ex-Labour MP who was expelled from the Labour Party for his links with Militant, the forerunner of the Socialist party, has a tremendous reputation in Coventry as a working class fighter.
In particular his stance when he was an MP of only taking a workers' wage and donating the rest back to the labour and trade union movement. What a difference to the corrupt and grabbing lot we have now! Like Dave and other socialist party TUSC candidates, I have pledged to be a Workers' MP on a Workers wage if elected and not become divorced from everyday life and people like most MPs'.
After several hours of successful canvassing we joined a packed rally to finish off a tiring but enthusiastic day.

Evening Post.
If you look hard at today's Post then you will see that I have finally made a news spot on the bottom of page 13. It's not the half page which the Independent headmaster candidate had last week but it's at least a start and its a good report as well.

Election Campaign
I will be out with other members and supporters tomorrow night leafleting ready for the start of the 'real' election campaign which looks set to be announced next week. If anyone wants to give us a hand in putting forward a socialist alternative in Swansea West then get in touch with me.
By the way, the Socialist Party are discussing "Why socialists stand in elections" in this week's branch meeting on Thursday - 7.30pm in Dyfatty Community Centre at the top of High St