Thursday, 25 March 2010

Budget of cuts

Big surprise. Nothing for us in Darling's pre-election budget except a promise of £11billion cuts in public expenditure.
All the main parties are offering us the same menu - cuts for starters, cuts for main meal and cuts for dessert.
Labour has promised huge cuts but won't say where until after the election, the Tories want to start slashing straight away and as usual the Lib Dems are somewhere in the middle but they all agree that it is ordinary people who will be forced to pay for the bankers crisis.
It really annoys me when these politicians say what else can we do? What we would do instead of giving £200 billion of our money to fat cat, billionaire bankers is use that to build tens of thousands of affordable council homes, providing jobs and apprenticeships with decent wages for young people, scrap tuition fees and restore grants for students, protect our public services and look after our old age pensioners. No chance of a budget like that from any of that lot and that's why I am standing as a TUSC candidate to give us a socialist alternative!